About Me

My name is Kristian van Drimmelen. After graduating in aerospace engineering in 2008 I started at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO. As a research scientist on Network Enabled Capabilities and Effect Based Operations I developed a particular interest in innovative technologies that support the military in the field. While leading a four-year research program from 2009 to 2012 I pushed my team to translate their theoretical research results into practical military solutions. After the research program I kept motivating them in my role as business developer and by doing so helping innovative national and international technology companies in their support to the military. And that is exactly what I keep doing with Three Miles.

A few years ago, I came across aviation again. During my studies, the motto in aviation was still 'bigger, faster, cheaper'. But now the aerospace industry recognises that such an attitude is not sustainable. Instead, the big question now is how to make aviation more sustainable. Stopping flying is not a real option. And so we need to figure out how to do it responsibly. In my role as project and proposal manager, I am keen to contribute with Three Miles to the acceleration of making aviation more sustainable.

Besides my background in the field of defence and aviation, an international work environment has always been part of my career. I have lived and worked in Germany - both in Munich and Hamburg - and Italy. Also, I have led several projects with consortia of international partners. And as a business developer I have worked frequently in Turkey.

For my full resume, please check out my LinkedIn profile.