About Three Miles

In the past years every now and then the idea of starting my own business crossed my mind. However, practical considerations withheld me from taking this step; could I still pay the bills, what would be the consequences for the mortgage, and what about my retirement?

On Christmas Eve in 2014 my wife and I looked back at the past year. I brought up the subject of starting my own business again. I will never forget what she then said:

It is better to regret something you did than regret not doing it.

Three months later in February 2015 I started my own business: Three Miles Projects & Business Development. In 2019, the company has been converted from a sole proprietorship to a private company called Three Miles B.V.

By the way, did you know where the name Three Miles comes from? My family name originates from the picturesque village of Drimmelen. Drimmelen is a small Dutch village that is closely located to National Park 'De Biesbosch'. The history of Drimmelen dates back hundreds of years. It is said that the village was originally called 'Driemilen' or 'Drymelen' (in English: Three Miles) as the village was located three miles from the city of Geertruidenberg. Other sources even state that the village was originally located in the middle of a triangle formed by the cities of Breda, Dordrecht and Gorinchem. All three cities are situated exactly three miles from Drimmelen.