Just launched my website

A website tells a lot about a company: its mission, vision and values. But it rarely tells the story of its employees. Websites of freelancers are a special case. They are the company and their websites reflect their personalities. So there would be no better way to make a website for my own company than to do it myself. There was only one problem, I had no experience in coding or programming whatsoever. Quite a challenge, but I love to learn and am not afraid to try new things.

About a month ago I started reading articles on how to best build a website for dummies and watched hours of online tutorials. Eventually I ended up at the NYC Tech Club. A great recommendation for all of you who want to make your own website. After having registered the www.threemiles.nl domain I started building my website. And now it is ready to be launched. Please have a look at the result. My website provides a section on my services, background information on Three Miles Projects & Business Development and myself, and an overview of my references so far. Your feedback and any suggestions for improvement are well appreciated.

Having launched my website today, I am now looking for my next project. So if you require my services, do not hesitate to contact me.