Project Manager from April 2019 - today

The King and the ministers together make up the Government of the Netherlands. The ministers and state secretaries are responsible for the day-to-day business of government. I am responsible for projects within the Dutch Government aimed at simplifying work processes and professionalising portfolio, programme and project management.

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Proposal Editor from August - September 2020 (2 months)

HDES Service & Engineering is developing space-proven cool gas generators for safety applications on earth. The main advantage of this technology is that the storage is unpressurised and that it has an extreme long life. I have edited a proposal to develop an oxygen cool gas generator for military emergency applications.

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Project Manager from June 2017 - May 2019 (1 year 11 months)

The Military Clothing and Personal Equipment Agency is part of the Defence Materiel Organisation. The agency takes care of the procurement, maintenance and sale of military clothing and personal equipment. I was responsible for projects in the supply chain division. Amongst others, for the integrated logistics support of new combat clothing. In this video the Commander in Chief and the Director of the Defence Materiel Organisation hand over the first sets.

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Kristian stands out for his extremely helpful attitude, his unwavering collegiality and his analytical skills. Besides that, he has strong communicative skills and knows how to give his thoughtful opinion in an inspiring and constructive manner. This makes him a pleasant and accessible sparring partner for many. He also offers a clear structure as project manager and remains calm in stressful situations. In addition, Kristian makes a strong contribution to strengthening project management within the agency. And last but not least, he has humor and shows himself to be very involved, both in the work and private sphere. This makes Kristian an example for the agency in general and the project management office in particular.

Colonel Harold Jacobs – Commander of the Military Clothing and Personal Equipment Agency





Proposal Manager from April - July 2018 (4 months)

The Loco Loca Foundation aims to promote social cohesion by making theatre accessible to vulnerable individuals. Also, the foundation offers them an experience in making a theater production. I have written two proposals for subsidies for an innovative theatre production. Both subsidies have been granted.

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Very efficient and creative are the first words that come to mind when I think of Kristian. He knew exactly how to put the essence of our message on paper. The communication between us went very smoothly and he was always easily accessible. We will certainly make more use of his services in the future.

Carmen Nichting – Founder Loco Loca Foundation





Business Developer from December 2016 - September 2017 (10 months)

The High Density Energy Storage Initiative develops applications for an advanced energy storage system. The system has the potential to store many times more energy than is possible with current technologies. I was responsible for the applications of the system for the defence market.

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Proposal Manager from March - April 2017 (2 months)

Emoss Mobile Systems develops electric powertrains for manufacturers of busses and trucks. Under own brand, Emoss Mobile Systems is an original equipment manufacturer for electric busses and trucks as well as auxiliary and battery systems. I have written a proposal for a National Technology Project for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence to integrate their electric powertrain and a range extender in a military vehicle. The proposal has been granted.

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Pragmatic, independent and to our full satisfaction. 

Edwin Hobbel – Managing Director Emoss Mobile Systems




Proposal Manager from December 2016 - March 2017 (4 months)

Scenarios 4 summits develops, prepares and executes interactive discussions for large, high profile events and conferences around the world. The scenario based policy discussion concept focusses on the awareness of the issue, the urgency of the problem and the discussion. A scenario based policy discussion starts with a problem statement and associated dilemmas in compelling films and is then supported by questions that are addressed in a plenary discussion. I have written proposals for both national and international clients.

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Proposal Manager in November 2016 (1 month)

SpingSmart develops information and monitoring solutions based on sensor technology. I have written a proposal for the Safety & Security Atelier 2016 to develop a prototype alert that can easily be connected to a modem to increase the effectiveness of the national NL-Alert emergency alert system during the night. My proposal has reached third place in the finale.

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Kristian has the right contacts and the ability to combine technology and business into a very good proposal within short timelines. A great partner to work with. 

Jan Gerard Snip – Chief Executive Officer SpingSmart






Proposal Manager from July - November 2016 (5 months)

The High Density Energy Storage Initiative develops applications for an advanced energy storage system. The system has the potential to store many times more energy than is possible with current technologies. I have written a proposal for the Defence Innovation Competition 2016 to integrate the energy storage system for a specific mission in a vehicle of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence. My proposal has reached second place in the finale.

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Proposal Editor in October 2016 (1 month)

Atsence Middle East has been involved in the design and implementation of several command and crisis management centres. Atsence Middle East has been invited by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research to response to their tender for the design of a decision support centre. Together with the proposal manager I have written the proposal for the information systems and building design phase of the centre. The proposal for the integrated design of the centre covers a wide range of areas of expertise: geographical information systems, information technology and technical infrastructure, cyber security, telecommunication, architecture and interior design, control and emergency room design, access control, perimeter security and security management.

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Kristian joined the team two weeks before the deadline. He made the difference between a good proposal and an excellent proposal. 

Léon de Bruijn – Managing Director Atsence Middle East


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Project Manager from March 2015 - August 2016 (1 year 6 months)

The INFRA2base project was a project for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence with the aim of designing and developing a military base with higher protection, reduced logistical footprint and a higher residual value. I have led the project and build up a consortium of international partners. Together with them I have integrated their expertise and technologies to a future basing concept. Additionally I have supported Nedshield in the development of a software tool that supports the user in the design of a base. I have also provided input for the program of requirements for the base of the future.

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I want to express my appreciation to Kristian who has excelled and congratulate him in being able to break new ground in military basing, the impact of which will resonate in the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, as well as other MODs, for a long time to come.

Simon Oberholzer – Chief Executive Officer Nedshield





Business Developer from June - November 2015 (6 months)

CGG Safety and Systems is developing innovative products using the cool gas generator technology. I have guided CGG Safety and Systems with the application of cool gas generators for the defence market.